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Coach Ekow: The Facilitator!

Coach Ekow facilitates the development of your personal or professional goals.

Enables you ask better questions, and explore your own answers.
Guides you to create a plan.
Helps you define outcomes, and experiments.
Enables you to move your thinking forward.

Coach Ekow:
The Advisor!

Coach Ekow gives those with less experience advice or assistance in areas specific to business, career and relationships.

Coach Ekow:
The Problem Solver!

Coach Ekow’s problem solving skill targets specific questions or addresses specific challenges in your business, career, relationship and life.


Choose Your Ekow Mensah Coaching Package!

Emerald Package

GhC 50

45 Minutes

EM Coaching Tool Kit

Group Session

Ruby Package

GhC 150

60 Minutes

EM Coaching Toolkit

One on One Session

Sapphire Package

GhC 550

120 Minutes

Training & Facilitation

Team Session

Diamond Package

GhC 1,000

600 Minutes

Email & Whatsapp Access

Monthly Retainer


Ekow Mensah Coaching Programs

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  • My Coach Ekow has been simply amazing. When we first spoke till now, I don't regret enrolling in his coaching program at all. It's so unbelievable. He really is the real deal.
    Dr. Joseph Mc Yalley
  • I was referred to Coach Ekow by a colleague and its been incredible. His mind is just a beautiful place. All the insecurities I had he has been able to work with me to get to the point where I know I can do whatever I set my mind to.
    Akosua Ansah

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