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Coach Ekow; The Solutionist!

As a serial entrepreneur, investor, trainer and mentor, Ekow advises and consults for Top Brands, CEO’s, Economic Development Officers, Startups, Accelerators, and Entrepreneurs on both the art and science of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economic Development.

Nicknamed “The Charming One” by his closest friends, for his breathtaking personality and ability to come down to everyone’s level to make them feel special no matter the circumstance or situation. Inspired by John C. Maxwell, Myles Munroe, Richard Brandson and Mensa Otabil’s work in Entrepreneurship and Leadership, Ekow has embarked on a personal journey to impact a million lives in Africa and the world in his lifetime.

As author of the book “Igniting Dreams - Your Dreams Matter,” Ekow has devoted his life to reframing conventional wisdom by demystifying the myths and perceptions of how entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development work together to create vibrant, scalable, self-sustaining innovative communities that produce self-motivated citizens who against all odds, will continue to fight for an objective opportunity to manifest their transcendent purpose.

Named amongst 100 Most Influential Young Africans, 50 Most Influential Young Ghanaians, 60 Young Leaders in Ghana by CocaCola and Anzisha Prize Entrepreneurship Evangelist in Africa Nominee and with his widely acclaimed ‘Success Formula Theory’ Ekow Mensah is a formidable, One Man Wonder, Solutionist whose energy and zeal for business, leadership and success is unwavering.

You could not have picked a greater Coach!


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Why You Need Me As A Coach!

I have over 10 years experience.

I am a practising entrepreneur, speaker, leader, dreamer and go-getter! I talk well because I put in the work first.

There is a 70% chance that whatever problem you are facing now, I have encountered before.

I am a solution driven person and I promise you your money back if we don't find the solutions you need in our sessions.

I have failed enough to cover the both of us so I can show you all the ways that it should not be done.

I never back down from a challenge. Never Ever!

Hire Me.

To Speak. Train. Coach.

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