For about 15 years now, my corporate email has had the signature, “ Live Full, Die Empty” and for the past 15 years I have seen this phrase and it has been mentally etched in my brain. Also, over the past 15 years and even more, I have been actively involved in training, facilitating, speaking, mentoring and coaching over 5,000 people across 7 Countries and I am always blown away each time I encounter people who can but don’t.

So I decided to do something about it: Offer myself up to everyone who is READY! WILLING! and AVAILABLE! to become great, to succeed and to live their best life ever! Offering myself up means you will have access to my mind which houses my wealth of knowledge spanning over 15 years, my resources which is my time and my network which is a solid database of some of the world’s incredible people, all in appreciable measure.

I have started Ekow Mensah Coaching because of you. Yup! I don’t know why it has taken you this long or what fear you keep fantasizing about or why you have all these dreams that are only stuck in your head but that is fine because once you are done reading this letter, we are going to start work on them!

No more waiting for tomorrow, or for that big breakthrough or for that big government contract … No more spending time in a loveless job or relationship because that’s all you know. No more accepting too little because you think you are not made for more. No more looking at yourself in the mirror and cringing because you don’t like the person you see. No more starting that business tomorrow and certainly no more complains of not knowing how to, when to or even what to?

That’s why I am here. I am here to give you support, sound advice, guidance and to coach you into becoming everything you can allow yourself to be and even more. I am here to enable you solve problems with your business, career and relationships. To brainstorm your ideas and kickstart them into fully fledged projects, initiatives and businesses.

Think of me as an extension to your team. Think of me as your sounding board. Think of me as the person you who will be with you every single step of the way on your journey.

When you hear my name: Ekow Mensah, think: Coach. Advisor. Problem Solver. One reason why I am doing this is because I have no doubt in my mind that you are MADE FOR MORE so welcome to the first day of the rest of our lives. Let’s do some incredible things together shall we? Let’s turn things around! Remember: Live Full! Die Empty!

Love always,

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To Speak. Train. Coach.

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